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Catsit.cz® - Professional Cat Sitting Team


Barbora Zuščíková
Professional Catsitter

22 years old  
Interests: Literature, history, cultures and cats
Cat: Cuketka

Vasilisa and Anfisa
Vasilisa and Anfisa

Elizaveta Konycheva
Professional Catsitter

25 years old  
Interests: painting and animals
Cats:  Vasilisa and Anfisa

Murka and Pufochka
Murka and Pufochka

Svetlana Dubinkina
Professional Catsitter

48 years old  
Interests: Jurisprudence, design, mosaic and cats
Cats: Murka and Pufochka

Blueberry and Spaghetti
Blueberry and Spaghetti

Anastasia Dubinkina
Chief Cat Sitter

23 years old  
Interests: Art, music, houseplants and my cats
Cat: Blueberry and Spaghetti

Veterinary Consultant

MVDr. Pavel Berka

Graduated in Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2002 and since then has worked as a private vet. Since 2009 he cooperates with the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague as an assistant professor with focusing on wildlife  health care issues. He also cooperates with the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno as an external lecturer for game hygiene.

Focus: general medicine for small animals, mammals, wild animals and ophthalmology

Interests: Cynology, hunting

Cooperation with Cat Asylum

We help to find a new home to the cats found by Cat Asylum. Catsit.cz will give you a 1000 CZK discount on first cat sitting of the adopted cat (mention this discount in the booking form and then show the signed contract from Cat Asylum to your Catsitter at the initial meeting). In case of interest, please contact Mrs. Katerina Kasparova (Cat Asylum) at mail@kociciazyl.cz

Up to date list of cats for adoption can be found at www.kociciazyl.cz

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Company Details

Catsit.cz s.r.o.
Company ID (IČ): 06676502
Seat: Chlebovická 734/8
199 00 Praha 9
Registered with the District Court in Prague under the file number C286825

CEO & Responsible Manager:
Anastasia Dubinkina

Bank Account:

Account Number: 384400002
Bank Code: 5500 (Raiffeisenbank)
IBAN: CZ5755000000000384400002

We Have Insurance

...although we already have more than 10 years of experience and performed 17000+ visits without any incident.

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