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Catsit.cz® - Prague's No.1 Catsitting Company Since 2011

Who We Are

We are a professional cat sitting service focusing on cat sitting directly at your home. Our team consists of experienced cat sitters who are huge cat lovers. Catsit.cz® was established in 2011 and we operate 365 days a year.

Our Vision

Your passion for cats no longer limits your travelling, because while you are away, they are attended by professional cat sitters, who you can fully trust.

Why Cat Sitting Instead of a Cat Hotel?

Cats are animals that are bound to the space that they live in – your home. They feel safe there because they are used to all the smells and secluded spaces. Leaving your cat in a cat hotel (even the most luxurious one) can be a very stressful experience for them.

Areas of Prague Covered (list of covered postcodes):

100 00; 101 00; 106 00; 110 00; 118 00; 119 00; 120 00; 128 00; 130 00; 140 00; 141 00; 150 00; 158 00; 160 00; 169 00; 170 00; 171 00; 180 00; 181 00; 182 00; 186 00; 190 00; 199 00

How Does It Work?

Our representative will meet you to collect all of the necessary information, fill in the checklist and to pick up your keys. While you are away we will carry out the tasks noted in our checklist and after your return we will deliver your keys back.

Would you like to know more about the services we provide?

FAQ on Cat Sitting

Are professional catsitting services discrete and secure?

We take privacy, security and confidentiality very seriously. All our employees incl. management are obliged to keep within strict confidentiality on all services provided.  Here you can download our Code of Ethics & Personal Data Protection Principles:

What is the frequency of visits that you recommend?

It depends on the client and the cats. If your cat is social and requires a human presence, then we recommend two visits a day. If your cat is more independent or if you have more cats that can entertain each other, then one visit a day would be sufficient.

What happens in case of an accident?

We will inform the client immediately. For such cases we have signed a Liability Insurance Policy issued by Ceska Pojistovna with a compensation limit of 5.000.000 CZK. Till now we never had to use this Policy and we sincerely hope that this will remain the case in the future.

What happens if our cat gets sick while we are away?

We will contact the client immediately and agree further steps. At the initial meeting we always note down the contact details of your Vet because they know your cat best. In case they are unavailable we can arrange all necessary care with another Vet, however we first consult this with the client.

How far ahead should I book the catsitting service?

We recommend our clients to book catsitting without any unnecessary delay in order to avoid the rush-fee charged for short notice bookings. Details about rush-fees can be found within our price list.

How can I pay for the catsitting service?

The prepayment can be settled via bank transfer only. The complete terms and conditions of the prepayment can be found in articles 3.1 to 3.7 within our General Terms & Conditions. The outstanding balance payment can be settled via credit/debit card during keys drop-off (our catsitters are equipped with card terminals). Regular clients can pay the outstanding balance via bank transfer – we will issue them an electronic invoice which will be due within 7 calendar days (beginning from the day of sending to the Customers' email).

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GPS Verified Service

If you wish we can send you a GPS report generated by an independent Google Play app from each visit so you can track exactly the amount of time that we spent with your cat.

Cash-free Company

We accept non-cash payments only and our catsitters are equipped with card terminals which will accept these credit/debit cards:

We Have Insurance...

...although we already have more than 10 years of experience and performed 17000+ visits without any incident.

We Are GDPR-Ready

We protect our customers' personal data in accordance with GDPR

Animal Protection Foundation

Catsit.cz® is a proud partner of  Animal Protection Foundation